EVERY dog has its day!

makes premium beef franks and sausage from a recipe passed on from generation to generation. We use only premium cuts of beef in our products, which are smoked in a real smokehouse. Unlike another local brand that tries to cut costs, we never add liquid smoke flavoring to any of our products.


The original “snap dog” is 100% premium beef and has a natural casing which gives it a built-in “snap.” Natural casing hot dogs are available only our online store and a few select carts.


Most carts in and around NYC serve snap dog skinless (no casing) 100% premium beef franks and hot sausage. Without using any dyes or coloring, snap dog utilizes a unique technology and “brands” each and every skinless snap dog with and the word "beef." So now you can have peace of mind because you always know you're getting a delicious, 100% premium beef hot dog when it says:


Check out the location of the snap dog cart nearest you. Or, order some snap dogs and other merchandise from our online store and ship anywhere in the U.S.


Remember, If it doesn't say , don't buy it!

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